Uptown Aviation is highly regarded for delivering outstanding appraisal and valuation services. On behalf of a wide variety of financial institutions, we value aircraft, engines, components (spares) and other aviation-related assets by developing and using realistic assumptions of value and the current condition of the equipment. Our staff applies industry standards in appraisal, inspections and valuations developed by organizations such as the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) and the National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA).


Our services include:

    * Pre-purchase evaluations
    * Asset inspections and records audits
    * Asset valuations
    * Periodic portfolio valuation reports
    * Residual value forecasts
    * Lease technical evaluations



On behalf of the owner, we work directly with the operator of the aircraft to ensure that all appropriate maintenance and other technical procedures meet the terms of the lease and maximize the ultimate return value of the aircraft.


Our technical monitoring services include:

   * Operator liaison
   * Operations/maintenance evaluations
   * Asset inspections and inventory
   * Compliance monitoring and recommendations