Shane Jorgenson

Shane Jorgenson is President, Global Operations since inception of AARG. He is responsible for the oversight of AARG in both the United States and across the world, as well as management of Aviation Asset Recovery, Investigations, Re-Marketing and infrastructure. 

He is also President of Uptown Aviation LLC, an associate company of AARG that provides supportive and tangent services for the Aviation Asset Recovery business. In addition to this position of leadership at Uptown Aviation LLC,

Mr. Jorgenson has also maintained his Flight Instructor classification. Shane also proudly serves as First Officer with Comair, Inc., and an ALPA safety committee member. Mr. Jorgenson’s career experience allows him the knowledge of government operations, corporate and government attorneys, aviation asset recovery as well as strategy and business development.

Shane achieved a Bachelor of Science at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, where he majored in Aeronautics and emphasized Flight Safety.  His concentration in Business Administration has thrust him into positions of leadership in every career path he has taken. He has received the Phase I of Pilot Proficiency Wings, and CFI with ESP-Orlando FSDO-15. His certificates include CFI-GOLD , ATP, and Commercial.

Mr. Jorgenson maintains his flight time to improve his effectiveness in his leadership role over Global Operations. His Total Time exceeds 3200 hours, Pilot in Command over 1400, and Turbo Jet at 1500+ hours.

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Christopher Large

Christopher Large is Vice President of Logistics since inception of AARG. He has been instrumental in helping lead the company to the use of improved technology and stronger asset recovery network. This critical shift has enabled AARG to significantly improve their percentages of successful aviation asset recovery. He has provided the management direction to point AARG into a leadership role in the global aviation repossession business.

He previously held key management positions at Air America Flight Center. These included accountability for a fleet of aircraft, including scheduling, payroll and overall performance of a sizeable number of employees.

Christopher Large holds a key role at AARG partly due to his Certification by the Florida Asset Recovery Specialists Nation Certification Program. This classification is quite an accomplishment, because of the well known stringent testing which is imposed by the State of Florida prior to issuance of this Repossession Agent License.

Mr. Large is a graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, with a Bachelor of Science and focus on Aeronautical Science. His concentration was in Business Administration, which has assisted his adaptation to decision making and organization at AARG.

Christopher has earned certificates as a Commercial Pilot – ASEL, AMEL, Instrument with No Limitations, and Advanced Ground Instructor.   

He is proud of his endorsements of High performance, High altitude, Complex, Tail Wheel; Close Parallel ILS PRM Approaches (Independent), Simultaneous Offset Instrument Approaches (SOIA), FCC Radio Operator License, ATP Written and First Class Medical.

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Thomas Jorgenson

Unique qualifications enable Thomas Jorgenson to execute the positions of Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Marketing with AARG. Since he started with AARG, he has successfully focused on revenue and profit drivers to assure the attainment of the corporation’s goals, while accomplishing above-average growth in a sluggish economy.

Thomas is responsible for global marketing and re-marketing strategy, pricing, and relationships with foreign governments and law enforcement. His background with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) offers a tangible advantage in the international community. He has also managed diverse organizations for over twenty years, including those associated with monetary value asset recovery. Thomas Jorgenson is classified as a true entrepreneur and expanded his expertise to aviation in 2003. He understands the market forces of the global economy and uses his professionalism to guide AARG effectively.

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Willaim Braum, JR.

When experts in the aviation repossession community start listing the best in the business, the name of William Braum, Jr. will be at or near the top of the list. His discreet abilities and professionalism distinguish his performance. 

Mr. Braum has operated as a repossession agent based in Florida for over ten (10) years. He currently manages the aviation repossession company, ARS Inc., and is closely aligned with AARG. He is also an active and licensed private investigator. 

His expertise has enabled him to attain multiple vendor status with several large financial institutions across the United States. He maintains a success rate of a phenomenal 98%, and is one of the best skip-tracers in the industry.

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